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    Do you need to enhance the security and accessibility of your building and protect your property? Then it’s high time you invest in an access control system.

    Access Control Systems Vs. Traditional Keys or Locks

    Most business owners rely on mechanical keys to lock their premises and secure the entrances. However, security experts have discovered various faults and limitations in traditional lock and key when it comes to securing company entrances.

    The following are some of the disadvantages of traditional lock system:

    • There is a strong likelihood of misplacing keys.
    • There is no audit trail.
    • Managing a big number of keys is tough.

    By implementing an access control system, you can resolve these concerns and regain complete control over your security.

    The purpose of an access control system is to:

    • Control your building’s access.
    • Which entrances do they have access to and when?
    • The specific access times
    • The access conditions, e.g., what credentials do an employee need to get into the storage room?
    • Set up specifications for every person and update them as necessary.

    Physical security is only one aspect of access control systems. With the proper system in place, you’ll increase not only security but also productivity, creativity, and performance.

    This is precisely what Top Locksmith LLC wishes to accomplish as a leading service contractor with years of professional experience.

    Experts In Access Control Systems

    With the growing popularity of access control systems in today’s world, we derive great satisfaction in offering our clients the most cutting-edge access control technology and equipment.

    We guarantee that our Access Control services will be performed by the finest technicians in the industry that are skilled in installing card access, keypads, intercom access control systems, and fob systems, among other things!

    Each access control system is custom-built for a specific application or purpose. We scrutinize every criterion to ensure that you receive the best access control system possible – a system that meets your needs.


    Automatic Door Opener

    Automatic door openers (auto-openers) are easy-to-use devices for different types of businesses, industrial or commercial. The openers have an electric motor inside that opens the doors.

    How does the system work?

    Auto openers are activated by pressing the actuator button located at its opening. Once pressed, the actuator provides an electrical signal to the operator asking them to open the door. For the system to run efficiently, other electric hardware on the opening must be connected.

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    Types of Automatic Door Openers

    • Electro-mechanical auto operator – this is a type of an operator that uses an electric motor to open and close the door.
    • Electro-hydraulic auto operator – this model opens the door with an electric motor but closes it with a hydraulic closure body.

    Contact Top Locksmith LLC to choose the best auto-opener for your premises. We can also help you troubleshoot your existing operators.

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    Common Access Control Systems Services

    Card Access And Keypads

    Intercom Access Control System

    Door System

    Card Access Control System

    Fob System

    Lost The Access Card

    Commercial Access Control

    Office Card Access

    Access Control Module Repair

    Touchless Door Operator

    It is possible to open and close a door without touching it – Just upgrade it.

    Here are the advantages:

    • Boost workflow. Open doors without having to stop and push a button.
    • Prevent cross-contamination. No need to touch the unsanitized door to open.
    • Great protection and shield. It helps keep the door closed, preventing pests from entering.

    Want to know what touchless door operator is appropriate for your property? Contact Top Locksmith LLCs right away, and we’ll help you find the best touchless door operator.

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    Automatic Door Repair

    If you own a business that sees many people coming and going, you want to make sure your doors work properly. Installing an automatic door is the best solution for a company with high foot traffic.

    Is your door malfunctioning?

    Contact Top Locksmith LLC today, and we’ll send you the best team of experts to handle your automatic door repair needs.

    Our expert technicians can handle any automated door issue.

    Call us today! We’ll ensure your doors are fully functional after our repair.

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    Our Access Control Services

    Choose a trusted and reliable handyman for your access control system issues. You can never go wrong by trusting us.

    Contact Top Locksmith LLC to ensure you receive an expert recommendation and skilled installation of a control access system.

    We are available to take your calls 24/7, 365 days a year. Call Top Locksmith LLC, and we will instantly send an access control expert technician to you.

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    Your Trusted and Reliable Access Control Service Provider

    What sets Top Locksmith LLC apart from the competition?

    We continuously train and develop our knowledge in the area of access control through systematic training and skill enhancement. This ensures that we are always one of the most dependable firms when it comes to resolving access control system issues.

    And, unlike your regular technicians, our services are not one-size-fits-all.

    When you meet us, we ensure to listen to you, assess your unique situation and provide an access control system solution that best fits your needs. We supply the best equipment that is custom-designed to assist you in maintaining control and enhancing security within your organization.

    • I called Top Locksmith LLC locksmith to find out why my lock wasn't working. They arrived within the hour and replaced my old castle with a high security lock. Glory to their quick action.

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      Great people outstanding service , the valued employee Alan treats the company as if it was his own and actually even better because it’s not. He goes way out of his way to make sure everything from all ends are looked after . I had a pleasure dealing with this company.

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    • Your residential locksmith team was very professional and friendly. They got the job done in less than 15 minutes and the results are spectacular. I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Great job!

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      I just want to take the time to say thank you for the several times you have rescued my family and myself. From being locked out of the house at 2AM to my son's screwed up Ford ignition system that needed replaced. You will always have a loyal customer with me as I have been for the past 10 years.

      thumb Anthony Grady
    • Wonderful service, the guys were very friendly and even helped me pay for a gadget, I was short a few dollars. Will come to this location for all my keys and ect.. ? thanks guys

      thumb Melinda Johnston

      I just want to take the time to say thank you for the several times you have rescued my family and myself. From being locked out of the house at 2AM to my son's screwed up Ford ignition system that needed replaced. You will always have a loyal customer with me as I have been for the past 10 years.

      thumb Anthony Grady

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